About the Program

LG and Discovery Education have set out to equip youth with the skills necessary to reduce stress and create Sustainable Happiness in their lives. As part of the LG Experience Happiness platform, Discover Your Happy provides science-based tools for educators, students and parents to show how happiness can be achieved through learnable skills and practices.


Research shows that happy kids do better in school. Happy learners remember information better and happiness is positively associated with GPA. Drawing on research from The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley and LG's Life's Good: Experience Happiness initiative, Discover Your Happy introduces skills and practices aimed at achieving sustainable happiness. These classroom tools are aligned with curriculum standards and are designed to provide engaging, hands-on activities for students to identify actionable ways to start their journey toward Sustainable Happiness and bring happiness to their communities through Six Sustainable Happiness Skills.

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The inability to reduce and cope with stress and anxiety can negatively impact different facets of a teen’s life including their health, friendships, relationships with parents, and academic performance. Discover Your Happy provides tools for families to seamlessly bring the conversation home and share key resources with friends and community members.

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Virtual Experiences

Immerse your students in dynamic virtual experiences that reveal how students and educators activate happiness using regular practice of the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills. Bring critical topics to life with videos and interactive, standards-aligned companion activities that encourage deeper student exploration of key themes in school and at home.

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Life's Good: Experience Happiness: Aiming to enrich the lives of youth in the United States, LG Electronics USA has launched a unique new corporate social responsibility initiative called "Life's Good: Experience Happiness." Happiness skills can be learned, according to the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, which has identified six skills that sustain one's ability to recognize that life's good: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. LG's science-based platform is designed to engage research institutions and non-profit partners who help equip American youth with the skills for sustainable happiness. www.LGExperienceHappiness.com.

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