Discover the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills

Find practical ways to support student emotional wellness and resiliency using the power of brain science.

Putting Science into Practice

Research continues to show that happiness is the key to better health, stronger relationships, and success in school and beyond. Experience Happiness offers scientific, evidence-based resources that equip students from every background with the tools to maintain emotional health and overcome adversity.

Schools that teach happiness skills have been shown to outperform those that don’t, along with a variety of cascading benefits to students and educators, like improved attendance, drops in bullying, and greater student engagement.

Sustainable Happiness Resources

Explore the science behind practicing the Six Sustainable Happiness skills to cultivate emotional wellness and resiliency for success in school and beyond.

Classroom Resources

Explore turnkey, standards-aligned resources.

Give students actionable ways to practice happiness daily with a wide variety of digital explorations and flexible instructional tools.

Virtual Field Trips

Watch sustainable happiness come to life.

Immerse students in the cutting-edge science of sustainable happiness with insights from subject matter experts and young people.

Family Activities

Inspire positive student experiences at home.

Equip parents with ready-to-use resources designed to seamlessly transition the conversation from the classroom into the home and community.

Interactive Exploration

See how happiness can literally change the physiognomy of the brain with this mind-blowing self-paced journey.

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