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Join us as we show students everywhere that happiness is more than a fleeting feeling: it’s a mindset and a way of life that is achievable through everyday practice. Experience Happiness empowers students to overcome stress and manage emotional wellbeing using the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity, and gratitude.

Dive into the amazing brain science of the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills to support students’ mental and physical health. Our standards-aligned resources are designed to reinforce positive interactions in the classroom, at home, and beyond.

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About the Partners

Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. Through its award-winning multimedia content, instructional supports, and innovative classroom tools, Discovery Education helps educators deliver equitable learning experiences engaging all students and supporting higher academic achievement on a global scale. Discovery Education serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in nearly 100 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Discovery, Inc., Discovery Education partners with districts, states, and trusted organizations to empower teachers with leading edtech solutions that support the success of all learners. Explore the future of education at www.discoveryeducation.com.

Life's Good: Experience Happiness: Aiming to enrich the lives of youth in the United States, LG Electronics USA has launched a unique new corporate social responsibility initiative called "Life's Good: Experience Happiness." Happiness skills can be learned, according to the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, which has identified six skills that sustain one's ability to recognize that life's good: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. LG's science-based platform is designed to engage research institutions and non-profit partners who help equip American youth with the skills for sustainable happiness. www.LGExperienceHappiness.com.


The Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative is working with leading researchers to learn more about sustainable happiness and partnering with organizations to bring sustainable happiness skills directly to youth.

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

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Inner Explorer

The Inner Explorer program is a series of daily 5–10 minute audio-guided mindfulness practices that is easily implemented in any classroom. The program focusses on key areas of development to help students and teachers reduce stress and prepare for learning.

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Project Happiness

Born from scientific research on human happiness, Project Happiness provides educational programs and resources that teach anyone how to learn the habits and skills of sustainable happiness.

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Spreading Sustainable Happiness Everywhere

Explore the scientifically proven benefits of the Six Sustainable Happiness Skills with standards-aligned resources for classrooms and families. Embrace emotional intelligence in students’ daily lives with a variety of ready-to-use activities and virtual investigations.

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Building Better Student Outcomes with Standards-Aligned Resources

Create dynamic opportunities for students to practice sustainable happiness in their everyday lives and relationships.

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Virtual Field Trips

Watch sustainable happiness come to life.

Immerse students in the cutting-edge science of sustainable happiness with insights from subject matter experts and young people.

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Family Activities

Inspire positive student experiences at home.

Equip parents with ready-to-use resources designed to seamlessly transition the conversation from the classroom into the home and community.

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